Newsletter #3, 2018

A message from Julio,   Secretary-General, BEN-Africa The 10th BRICS summit was recently hosted in South Africa, with the theme BRICS in Africa: Collaboration

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Newsletter #2, 2018

Member Newsletter Greetings to our continental network! Here's to another year of strengthening the commitment of Africans to do business with moral

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Latest news from AJOBE

1. The African Journal of Business Ethics has just published its latest issue Vol 11, No 2(2017).  We invite you to view

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Call for papers 16th annual conference 9-10 November ‘Ethics & Energy’

BEN-Africa's 16th annual conference, 9-10 Nov, 'Ethics & Energy' is an international platform for stakeholders from the private sector, the public sector, non-profit organisations and academia to come together to reflect, to discuss and to respond to the opportunities and challenges related to promoting ethics, governance and sustainability in African contexts. Inputs from and about the region, as well as contributions dealing with Africa’s position with respect to other world regions (especially as regards ethics, governance and sustainability initiatives and challenges in the energy sector) will be considered.

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