Dr Bryan Robinson
Dr Bryan RobinsonPresident
Bryan is a Research Associate and Lecturer in Business in Society and International Business at the Nelson Mandela University’s Business School in South Africa. Bryan Robinson is an ardent researcher in business and society within the development context of Africa.
Dr Yvonne Katambo
Dr Yvonne KatamboChairperson: Networking Council
Yvonne is the founder and managing Director of BrandPro Consulting in Kenya (www.brandpro.co.ke), an integrated consulting firm specialized in Market research and Monitoring and Evaluation. She is an adept trainer and consultant in public and private sector leadership, organizational ethics and management, women empowerment, and leadership. Yvonne is a certified Ethics officer by The Ethics Institute.
Prof Neil Eccles
Prof Neil EcclesEditor-in-Chief: African Journal of Business Ethics
Neil Eccles is a professor in the Institute for Corporate Citizenship at the University of South Africa. In terms of teaching, he uses moral and political philosophy to try to instil a bit of much needed critical thinking in economic and management science students, while his research interest falls broadly under the banner of business ethics, which he pursues from a critical perspective.
Dr Julio Andrade
Dr Julio AndradeSecretary-General
He holds an PhD in Philosophy (Ethics) from the University of Stellenbosch. He has been published in, inter alia, Springer’s Journal of Business Ethics and AJOBE (African Journal of Business Ethics). He is a certified Ethics Officer.
Celia Lourens
Celia LourensMarketing and Resource Engagement
Celia has extensive international experience in the strategic integration of marketing services, communications, business development, project management and fundraising. As project manager at The Ethics Institute, her responsibilities include internationally funded initiatives, in countries such as Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and Kenya. She serves as the Secretariat for a Coalition for Ethical Operations in South Africa and is a certified Ethics Officer.
Liezl Groenewald
Liezl GroenewaldPast-president
Liezl is the Senior Manager Organisational Ethics at The Ethics Institute. Liezl has been in the field of organisational ethics since 2004. Her main expertise lies in advising organisations on ethics management and strategies, conducting organisational ethics risk and culture assessments, facilitating ethics workshops, conducting ethics investigations, auditing Whistleblowing Service Providers, advising whistle-blowers and training Boards and Social and Ethics Committees.