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BEN-Africa has two forms of individual involvement. Full membership and network member.

Full membership

Full membership provide support for BEN-Africa through their dedication to the vision of BEN-Africa and their contribution of membership fees helps ensure the financial sustainability of the organisation. Full membership also entitles members to discounts on BEN-Africa’s Conference registration fees and incentives with our organisational partners. Members are provided with electronic membership certificates.

List of members: (We will add as we progress)

Network Membership

Network membership is free of charge and is aimed at developing an extensive network of individuals dedicated to furthering business ethics in Africa. Network members are required to sign the following pledge confirming their support of BEN-Africa’s mission. Network members will be provided with a certificate confirming their membership.

List of networkers (add over time)

(Bryan – add pledge)

Same questions, but they will need to digitally sign the pledge.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is US$60/ZAR510 per year.


Organisational Membership

Organisational membership is US$600/ZAR5280 per year.