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Conferences have already been organised in:

  • Nairobi, Kenya (2000)
  • East London, South Africa (2001)
  • Lagos, Nigeria (2002)
  • Victoria Falls, Zambia (2003)
  • Stone Town, Zanzibar (2004)
  • Kasane, Botswana (2005)
  • Cape Town, South Africa (2006)
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2007)
  • In 2008 BEN-Africa was proud to host the 2008 World Congress of the International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Accra, Ghana (2009)
  • Nairobi, Kenya (2010)
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania (2011)
  • Entebbe, Uganda (2012)
  • Lagos, Nigeria (2013)
  • Cape Town, South Africa (2014)
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2015)
  • Stellenbosch, Cape Town (2016)

The Story of BEN-Africa

BEN-Africa was formed in 1999. The founding conviction of BEN-Africa is that by bringing together Africans who share an interest in business ethics, business ethics will be expanded on the African continent. We believe that through interaction, both theoretical knowledge and practical skill in managing ethics will be enhanced.

BEN-Africa facilitates interaction between its members in various ways. These include our website, an electronically distributed newsletter, and social media. BEN-Africa also presents a conference annually, in different cities around the African continent.

BEN-Africa is committed to disseminate information, knowledge and expertise on business ethics to its members, primarily through our open-access, electronically published journal, the African Journal of Business Ethics (AJOBE), available at http://ajobe.journals.ac.za.

BEN-Africa also provides members with the opportunity to participate in generating new knowledge and expertise. This is done through a number of research projects including, amongst others, the Whistle Blowing Project, the Business Ethics Case Study Project and the HIV/AIDS project. In 2015 BEN-Africa partnered with KPMG South Africa in hosting business ethics forums across South Africa aimed at ethics practitioners, culminating in a new publication series ‘Letters from the field…’ , the first of which was released in 2016. The forums are ongoing.


BEN-Africa strengthens the commitment and competence of Africans to do business with moral integrity by facilitating interaction between academics and practitioners who share an interest in business ethics.

In order to give effect to BEN-Africa’s mission we have three strategic focal areas:

Focal areas:

  • The development and maintenance of a network of people with either a theoretical and/or practical interest in business ethics;
  • The facilitation of interaction between people with either a theoretical and/or practical interest in business ethics; and
  • The initiation of research in business ethics that is either of practical or theoretical interest.

Executive Committee

Liezl Groenewald
Liezl Groenewald President
has been employed as Manager Organisational Ethics Development at The Ethics Institute since 2008. Liezl holds a Master’s degree in Applied Ethics for Professionals from the University of the Witwatersrand and is currently busy with a PhD in Applied Ethics at Stellenbosch University. She has been working in the field of business ethics since 2004 when she established the Ethics Office at the South African Revenue Service (SARS). She was the 8th Ethics Officer in SA to be certified by The Ethics Institute. Liezl is also a member of, amongst others, the Cape Chamber of Commerce, an Associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) (USA), member of the Social and Ethics Committee of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, research associate at the Centre of Business Ethics, US and member of the Global Compact (military ethics related).
Dr Bryan Robinson
Dr Bryan RobinsonTreasurer
is a post-doctoral fellow at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s Business School. Bryan Robinson is an ardent researcher in business ethics within the development context of Africa, and is currently active in research pertaining to China’s investment in Africa from socio-economic development and corporate citizenship perspectives.
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Julio Andrade
Julio AndradeSecretary-General
After more than a decade and a half in the hospitality industry, Julio Andrade decided to reinvent himself as an ethicist. He holds an MPhil Applied Ethics from the University of Stellenbosch with a dissertation on whistleblowing. Subsequently he has published in Springer’s Journal of Business Ethics and AJOBE (African Journal of Business Ethics). He is a certified Ethics Officer.
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Arnold Smit
Arnold SmitPast President
is associate professor of Business in Society and the head of Social Impact at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. His research and teaching is focused on the contextualisation and integration of ethics, responsibility and sustainability in management education and organisational practice. He is furthermore a member of the Board of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, a member of the International Advisory Board of USB Executive Development and a trustee of SEED Educational Trust.
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Dr. Yvonne Katambo
Dr. Yvonne KatamboRegional representative for East Africa
Dr. Yvonne Katambo is the Managing Director of BrandPro Consulting (www.brandpro.co.ke), an integrated consulting firm specializing in Market Research and Surveys, Communications, Project Management and Corporate Training. She is a Certified Ethics Officer by The Ethics Institute of South Africa. Yvonne has over 10 years’ experience in Market and Media Research and over 5 years in conducting corruption surveys, business ethics and integrity research in Kenya and across the region