The African Journal of Business Ethics

The African Journal of Business Ethics is the official journal of BEN-Africa. The aim of the journal is to contribute to the expansion of business ethics as an academic field in Africa. In pursuit of this aim we wish to not only build a continental journal of high quality, but to also ensure that it achieves broad international credibility.

The publication of the journal is kindly supported by the KBA-NotaSys Integrity Fund.

Prof Neil Eccles
Prof Neil EcclesEditor-in-Chief: African Journal of Business Ethics
Neil Eccles is a professor in the Institute for Corporate Citizenship at the University of South Africa. In terms of teaching, he uses moral and political philosophy to try to instil a bit of much needed critical thinking in economic and management science students, while his research interest falls broadly under the banner of business ethics, which he pursues from a critical perspective.
Dr Kebene Wodajo
Dr Kebene WodajoAssistant Editor: African Journal of Business Ethics
Kebene Wodajo, from Ethiopia, is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Business Ethics, University of St.Gallen. Her research project focuses on the question of justice and responsibility in the cyberspace. Prior to taking up her current position, Wodajo has been a lecture and visiting lecturer at Ambo University and Addis Ababa University School of Law, respectively (Summer 2019).


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