Executive Committee
Advisory Board
Networking Council

Conferences have already been organised in:

Nairobi, Kenya (2000)
East London, South Africa (2001)
Lagos, Nigeria (2002)
Victoria Falls, Zambia (2003)
Stone Town, Zanzibar (2004)
Kasane, Botswana (2005)
Cape Town, South Africa (2006)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2007)
In 2008 BEN-Africa was proud to host the 2008 World Congress of the International
Society of Business, Economics and Ethics (ISBEE) in Cape Town, South Africa
Accra, Ghana (2009)
Nairobi, Kenya (2010)
Zanzibar, Tanzania (2011)
Entebbe, Uganda (2012)
Lagos, Nigeria (2013)
Cape Town, South Africa (2014)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2015)
Stellenbosch, Cape Town (2016)
Stellenbosch, Cape Town (2017)
Maputo, Mozambique (2018)
Mombasa, Kenya (2019)
Africa (Virtual) (2020)
Swakopmund, Namibia (2021)

Story of BEN-Africa

BEN-Africa was formed in 1999. The founding conviction of BEN-Africa is that by bringing together Africans who share an interest in business ethics, business ethics will be expanded on the African continent. BEN-Africa continues to thrive and stimulate the discourse on business ethics.

The value proposition of BEN-Africa is the ability of BEN-Africa to connect people through formal and informal networks, facilitate dialogue through the provision of forums to share ideas and build ethical capacity, and a platform to publish contemporary research on business ethics in Africa.

BEN-Africa facilitates interaction between its members in various ways. These include our annual BEN-Africa Conference, seminars, partner events, and creating dialogue on business ethics. The Networking Council serves as a focal contact point in African nations and regions, and fosters discourse and interaction between individual and organisational members and partners. The BEN-Africa website and various other social media platforms are extensively used as facilitators of ethics conversations.

BEN-Africa is committed to disseminate information, knowledge and expertise on business ethics to its members, primarily through our open-access, electronically published journal, the African Journal of Business Ethics (AJOBE), available at http://ajobe.journals.ac.za. The journal is a South African Department of Higher Education accredited journal. From 2021 BEN-Africa also publishes conference proceedings from the annual BEN-Africa Conference.


Bring together people who have a shared passion of business ethics on the African continent.

Impact Statement

Stimulate business ethics dialogue through the network.

The BEN-Africa definition of Business Ethics

We consider business ethics as the application and integration of ethical values to business – business considered both as an activity and as organisations broadly construed – in order to create sustainable value for the organisation, its stakeholders and wider society.