The BEN-Africa Conference on 3-4 November 2022 provides a valuable opportunity for students, post-grads and emerging scholars to present their research. Blessing Ngo from the Central University of Technology in South Africa is one such person who is benefitting from the opportunity, and will be presenting a paper entitled ‘Poverty and sustainability: Defining the challenges and the way forward from a student’s perspective’.


Blessing  Ngo, a true Bloemie born in Bloemfontein and matriculated at Bloemfontein High School in the year 2018. She is currently busy with her Bachelors degree in Education specializing in Technology. She became a Peer Mentor in 2020 and later joined Enactus CUT and occupying the office of the Secretary General for the organization. In May 2021 she joined the Student Representative Council under the portfolio of Transformation, Equity and Diversity. She is also a Supplementary Instructor for micro teaching and education in media studies. In her spare time, she spends it with her loved ones, traveling and attending seminars aimed at personal and community development. She aspires to become an acclaimed academic in the future.