Africa currently faces enormous challenges in its efforts to achieve sustainable human development. The public service, as an institution, has a critical role to play in the development of a nation. When the public service is weak and underperforming, the private sector might also not experience the resilience it deserves. These phenomena are not unique to Africa. A poor ethical culture is a menace to the achievement of public sector efficiency and thus to sustainable development anywhere in the world. This new book on accountable governance and ethical conduct in Africa seeks to explore the challenges faced in the continent in the public sector ethics,  uncover the underlying reasons and offer possible solutions leveraging healthier political systems, greater inclusivity and more extensive digitalization.

If you are interested in contributing a chapter to this book, please EITHER select an option from the ones indicated in the attached PDF and send in an expanded abstract of 500 words OR send in a 500-word abstract suggesting what you would like to write about, in line with the book’s concept, to by the 25th of March, 2021