Globethics launches first volume of new Series “Education Ethics” edited by Prof. Divya Singh  & Prof. Christoph Stückelberger –  ‘Ethics in Higher Education: Values-driven Leaders for the Future


(From the introduction to the publication ) Higher education is leadership education. The values and virtues practised in universities heavily influence the future leaders. Many institutions of higher education show excellence not only in academic subjects, as green campuses, with manifold ethics curricula and in their community engagement, but also in the value-orientation of the Board and teaching staff as well as students. But, additionally, in many universities and schools around the world, fundamental values and virtues are violated: cheating, plagiarism, unethical research, nepotism in staff recruitment, corruption in exams, sexual harassment or simply the lack of ethics curricula give then the signal to the future leaders that ‘this is how the world functions’ and only with unethical behaviour can one achieve professional success. This book is a fascinating compilation of 19 articles written by authors from eight countries and five continents. The articles are grouped in four sections: (1) Values in higher education, (2) Responsible Leadership, (3) Education Topics and (4) Open and Distance Education. This fourth topic, and the fact that a part of the authors come from South Africa, specifically shows the origin of this book: it is the fruit of the 26th ICDE World Conference, organised by the International Council for Open and Distance Education ICDE with the University of South Africa UNISA in Johannesburg, held in Sun City in South Africa from 14-16 October 2015 under the theme “Growing Capacities for sustainable Distance E-learning Provision”.

The ethics dimension popped up in several contributions, among other also at the Presidents’ Summit of almost 100 Presidents of Open and Distance Learning Universities across the globe, but the book is now focused only on this cross-sectoral topic of values. The authors bring a truly international perspective on topics which are similar in many countries, but also rooted in their respective societies and experiences.  The Foundation, a global network on ethics based in Geneva, Switzerland,  home to the world’s largest free online library on ethics with over 4.5 million books and documents and 176,000 registered participants from 200 countries, decided in its strategy 20162020 to make “Ethics in Higher Education” the strategic priority! as publisher of this book is proud to announce that this book is the first volume of a new Series “Education Ethics”, in which other volumes will soon follow. We invite authors and organisations around the world to propose and submit manuscripts as single authors or collection of articles around ethics in (higher) education. We together want to contribute to values-driven leaders for the future which our societies so urgently need.

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