Speakers and panellists from throughout Africa will be attending this year’s BEN-Africa Conference on 3-4 November. Qusay Salama from Egypt has led governance and anti-corruption efforts and will participate in the panel on Illicit financial flows: Corruption, tax evasion and human trafficking.

 Mr. Salama led extensive governance and anti-corruption effort since 2010. His work included initiating and managing a business-driven anti-corruption collective action effort, developing capacity building programs, driving public private dialogue, advocating for legal reforms especially in public procurement, customs and investment related laws and procedures, and coordinating high level cooperation with the most influential public and private stakeholders.

In 2014, Mr. Salama initiated and acted as the Project Director of the Integrity Network Initiative. An initiative that was launched by the Egyptian Junior

Business Association in cooperation with the United Nations Global Compact. The initiative is a collective action effort to advance business integrity standards in

Egypt. And it aimed for a more effective role for the private sector in the fight against corruption.

Mr. Salama is currently a regional consultant to the UNODC working on projects that aim to strengthen the private sector capacity to prevent corruption and enhance integrity in the Middle East and North Africa Region.