On 9-10 November 2016 BEN-Africa will present its 15th conference and will offer a unique opportunity for delegates from different countries, institutions and sectors to discuss, network, build relationships and co-create pathways for well-governed African development.

Conference theme: Governance and Ethics for African Development

In true BEN-Africa tradition, the conference aims to strengthen the commitment and competence of Africans to do business with moral integrity. Interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approaches to governance, ethics and sustainable development issues on the continent will be encouraged. The programme will include thought leadership, presentations on scholarly research, cultural immersion and networking opportunities. It will also include the announcement of the recipient of BEN-Africa’s esteemed Order of the Baobab award.

When: 9-10 November 2016
Where: Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa

Who should attend?

The conference is aimed at individuals who work at the intersection of governance, ethics and sustainable development, including:

  • Scholars and researchers in the fields of governance, ethics and sustainability
  • Corporate governance, sustainability and responsibility practitioners
  • NGOs working at the interface of corporate action and sustainable development challenges
  • Members of development institutions and international agencies
  • Policy makers in local, provincial or national government
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